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-不知道你为什么对葡萄酒着迷?(why are you into wine?)
-i think i originally got into wine through my ex-husband.you know he had a big sort of show-off cellar(他有一个很大的值得炫耀的酒窖),but then i discoverd that i had a really sharp palate(然后我发现我的味觉非常敏锐),and the more i drank,the more i like what it made me think about.
-like what?
-like what a fraud he was.(比方说我意识到他是一个骗子。)……i mean i like to think about the life of wine.how it's a living thing.i like to think about what was going on the year the grapes were growing...how the sun was shining...if it rained. i like to think about all the people who tended and picked the grapes...and if it's an old wine how many of them must be dead by now. i like how wines continues to evolve,like if li opened a bottle of wine today...it would taste different than if i'd opened it on any other day. because a bottle of wine is actually alive and it's constantly evolving and gaining complexity. that is until it peaks...like your '61. and then it begins its steady,inevitable decline. and it tastes so fucking good.(我喜欢去思考酒的生命,它是一种怎样有生命的东西,我喜欢思考在葡萄成熟的一年里会发生什么…在下雨的时候太阳是怎样照耀的。我喜欢思考那些照顾和采摘葡萄的人们……如果是陈年老酒的话,有多数人现在已经不在人世了。我喜欢葡萄酒在不停地进化,好比我今天打开一瓶酒的话…它的味道会不同于我在其他任何时候打开它。因为一瓶酒其实是有生命的…而且它不停地进化、不停地得到新的元素,就这样直到它的顶峰…就像你的那瓶61年的酒,然后它就开始了平稳的、不可避免的衰退…最后它的口味变得真他妈的好。)


-我想起其中的明星就是那瓶1961年的白马庄园(I guess the star would a 1961 Cheval Blanc)
-你有一瓶61年的白马庄园,却放在那里不动?(You've got a '61 Cheval Blanc and it's just sitting there?)
-Yes I do.
-Go get it.I'm serious!Hurry!61年的酒现在正是最好的时候是吧?我从书上看到的(The '61s are peaking right now aren't they? Taht's what I've read.)
-That's right,yeah.
-It might be too late already.What are you waiting for?
-Oh I don't know.A special occasion with the right person.It was supposed to be for my 10th wedding anniversary but……
-You know the day you open a '61 Cheval Blanc...that's the special occasion.(当你打开61年的白马庄园的时候,那就是那个特别的时候。)

  Vindigo is made with Chardonnay, that is white wine grapes - and it gets its translucent blue colour because it's filtered through the skins of other dark grapes – these containing the purple agent anthocyanin, which properly treated can make a wine blue rather than the more normal red.

  So it's all perfectly natural, and on a Mediterranean terrace, looking over a blue sea and a blue sky, what could be more delightful than 'a beaker full of the warm South' as Keats put it. We're told it has tones of cherry and passion fruit, that in blind tastings it scores well against the rosés, and that in this summer of World Cup victory, the French want nothing more than to complete their tricolour of wines – possibly!

  tones 香味,味道

  translucent 清透的、半透明的

  But the French can also spot a gimmick when they see one. And 'le vin bleu' definitely fits that particular bar bill.

  terrace 梯田

  filtered 经过滤

  Vindigo 是用一种叫霞多丽的白葡萄酒制成的,这种酒色泽碧蓝澄澈的原因是它经过了含有紫色剂花青素的深色葡萄皮过滤,在适当的处理后可以使葡萄酒呈现蓝色,而非普通的红色。

  当然法国人也能分辨出什么是骗人的营销花招,而 “蓝葡萄酒(le vin bleu)” 正是此类营销手段的产物。



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